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  1. Where's The GEDCOM?
  2. How To Update Or Correct Your GEDCOM
  3. Using Post-em Notes With WorldConnect
  4. Ignore, Clean, and Remove
  5. What are those Little Blue People??blue boy
  6. About Downloading GEDCOMs
  7. Changing Options For Your GEDCOM
  8. New Features For WorldConnect
    (Register Report and change of database password)
  9. Seeing Double
  10. Advanced Options -- GEDCOM Tags
  11. Downloading Your Own GEDCOM
  12. Contacting The GEDCOM Submitter
  13. Searching WorldConnect
  14. Searchable Database Or WorldConnect?
  15. Copying Charts and Reports
  16. Identifying GEDCOM Owner
  17. Living Filters
  18. Changing Your E-mail Address
  19. Excluding Notes From Your GEDCOM
  20. Help For AOL/MAC Users
  21. No Need to Remove Old GEDCOM Before Updating or Correcting
  22. Retrieve File Information Anytime and Anywhere
  23. WorldConnect Increases Speed, Features, and Capacity
  24. WorldConnect Now Accepts Zip Files
  25. Accessing Advanced Search Features
  26. What Happens to Post-ems When GEDCOMs are Updated?
  27. Selecting A User Code and Password
  28. Verifying Recognition by Living Filters
  29. Locating Your Own Family Tree
  30. Files, We Get Files . . .
  31. Duplication of Names in WorldConnect Searches
  32. Broadening your Horizons
  33. The Origin of Charts and Reports Displayed on WorldConnect Pages
  34. Keep Your Contact Address Current
  35. Uploading your files
  36. ID Numbers
  37. Finding Files on Your Computer
  38. Titles, Headers, and Footers
  39. Genealogy Software and GEDCOMs
  40. Ownership of Family Tree Data
  41. Updating a Family Tree v. Creating a Second WorldConnect Account
  42. Changing Your User Code
  43. Contacting Cousins
  44. Why can't I find my ancestors when I search WorldConnect?
  45. Helping the World Find your GEDCOM (Family Tree)
  46. Global Search Updating
  47. First Names Only
  48. Duplication of Information and Misinformation