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X-Commands are an e-mail alternative to using your List Tools. They can be used to:

  • Subscribe or unsubscribe an address
  • Obtain a listing of all subscribers
  • Check for a specific subscriber

The most common reasons for using X-Commands instead of the List Tools are:

  • Personal preference.
  • To maintain a mailing list without opening a Web browser — an administrator may only have e-mail access, or an older browser may not work well with forms.
  • To reduce online time — X-Command e-mails can be prepared offline, queued, and submitted the next time you access your mail program.

Using Templates:

Most administrators will find it easier to create a set of templates (form letters) for each list they administer, enabling them to enter just the variables when submitting X-Commands. Some mail programs include templates, stationery features, or the ability to store abbreviations for commonly-used text. If yours doesn't, create a separate folder for templates and experiment with various options to find the easiest for you.

Be sure to update your templates if your mailing list moves to another server. (Yes, RootsWeb will tell you if that happens.)

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