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Spam is the name given to any unwanted email, and usually associated with mass mailings including get rich quick schemes, advertisements, porn, virus warnings, hoaxes, etc.

Individuals posting the same message to multiple lists (cross-posting) is also considered spam. It can result in the person's name and address being blocked from posting to RootsWeb.

Spam is not welcome on any list. In addition to being an irritant to subscribers, it can result in dangerously high strains on RootsWeb's servers to process the spam.

The following pages will help you identify spam RootsWeb has blocked (it will be sent to you for review), and what you should do if spam does reach your list.

Mail Abuse Prevention System (MAPS)

RootsWeb recently began using MAPS databases to block incoming spam. This may result in subscriber's messages being blocked, if their ISP (service provider) is listed in the database. Mail caught in the MAPS filters it will look similar to this:

----- Transcript of session follows -----
... while talking to
>> MAIL From:
<< 550 5.0.0 Mail from refused by blackhole site

If someone caught in the MAPS filters contacts you, please direct them to the help pages, which explain what steps they should take.

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