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Edit Files:
Edit Letters to Subscribers

Using the "Edit Files" function of the List Tools, you can customize the welcome, goodbye, and administrivia messages that are sent to subscribers.

There are two versions of the welcome and goodbye letters, one for each mailing list format (-L for individual messages; -D for digest mode). The administrivia letter is posted to every digest mailing, appearing below the index of messages.

If you are a new administrator for an existing list, review the letters and edit them if necessary. For example, if they show the prior administrator's name and/or address, replace it with yours.

All of the messages should:

  • Provide brief instructions on how to unsubscribe from the list. Be sure the instructions are applicable for the version you are editing. For example, the version for digests should tell users how to unsubscribe from the digest mode.
  • Identify yourself as the administrator and explain how users can contact you. Most administrators use the generic address: (where the xxxx is the list name).

Administrivia messages should:

  1. Remind digest subscribers how to correctly post a message to the list. All messages to the list should be addressed to (where xxxx is the list name).

Welcome letters should:

  • Encourage subscribers to keep a copy of the message for future reference.
  • Describe the mailing list, its purpose, and any guidelines you have established.
  • Explain how mailing lists work, including how to post messages. All messages to the list should be addressed to (where xxxx is the list name); this is true even for digests.

Goodbye letters should:

  • Encourage subscribers to reply if they have any questions about being unsubscribed, or if they are having problems unsubscribing (they receive the goodbye letter even if their attempt fails). Their reply should include the entire goodbye letter, which you can use as a diagnostic tool.

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