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Add a Prepend to Subject Lines

A prepend is like a prefix that appears at the beginning of every subject line. Some researchers find prepends helpful when filtering mail or to quickly scan the subject lines, as it easily identifies which messages came from the list.

The downside is that those receiving digest mode will have a sizeable amount of their subject line devoted to the prepend.

You decide what the prepend will be. Most administrators choose to use the list name, or an abbreviated version of it. You will want to be careful that you don't use the same prepend another list may be using. Listen to your subscribers; they will generally let you know if your prepend duplicates another list with the same topic.

Examples of a Prepend:

  • Subject line without prepend:
    Looking for John Smith, 1891-1940

  • Subject line with a prepend of xxxxxxxx:
    [xxxxxxxx] Looking for John Smith, 1891-1940

  • Digest index with the same prepend:
    [xxxxxxxx] Looking for John

The mailing list program will add the boxed brackets, do not enter them as part of the prepend.

If you do not want to use this option, leave this section blank.

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