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Understanding Bounces

Terms and Definitions:
Accept List
A listing of addreses that can post to your list.
List mail that was not delivered or processed.
Reject List
A listing of addresses that cannot post to your list without your intervention.
X-Diagnostic Line
A line within the header area of an e-mail which will help you understand what actions were taken or not taken.

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Customize Settings:
Moderate the List

Use this option sparingly. When a list is moderated, all subscribers will receive copies of any posts made to the list. However, no one can post to the list unless you have authorized it. You do that by adding the person's address to the accept list, which is in the "Edit Files" section of the List Tools. Be sure to add your own address to the accept list, or you won't be able to post to the list either.

If someone posts to the list and his or her address is not on the accept list, the message will bounce to you. It will bounce even if the person is subscribed to the list; the X-Diagnostic line in the header will indicate that the person is not on the accept list.

Before you choose this option, consider if you want to moderate the entire list or just a few individuals. If you want to moderate specific individuals, try using the reject list first.

To reject them, leave these addresses on the subscriber list, but add their addresses to the reject list. The reject list is in the "Edit Files" section of the List Tools. This enables them to receive mail from the list, but any mail they send to the list will bounce to you. You can decide whether to forward it on to the list.

If you choose this option:

  • Add your own address to the accept list, or you won't be able to post to the list.

  • If you are not receiving notices when someone subscribes to your list, you may want to consider doing so now (it is another option in this section of the List Tools). Add new subscribers to the accept list, as warranted.

Do not use this option to change the focus of a list. For example, don't exclude all subscribers on a surname list except those who are researching the same line you are. Instead, request a new list for your restricted topic. That enables other researchers to still have a forum. Changing the focus of a list can result in your removal as the list's administrator.

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