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Contacting the HelpDesk or Listmaster

If you cannot find an answer to your question in the list administrator help pages, or through the LISTOWNERS or NEWBIE-LISTOWNER mailing lists, contact the HelpDesk for assistance. You should contact the listmaster directly if the circumstances shown below are applicable. Include your name and the list name when writing for assistance, and include full or expanded headers when applicable.
  • To unsubscribe an address from your list that ends with a character other than a letter or number (a period, etc.), contains a non-standard character (quote marks, etc.), or that you cannot unsubscribe using List Tools.

  • To get your password, if you cannot retrieve it through Password Central (for example, your old address is not active).

  • To permanently give up your list, if no one else has expressed interest in administering it.

  • To sell or promote services (or items) on the list. You must have the listmaster's permission prior to posting on the list.

  • To check on the status of list requests (new or adopted). Please wait ten (10) days after you submit your request before writing. Include the date you submitted the request, and the e-mail address used on the request form.