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Address Changes (Subscribers)

You will receive requests from subscribers to manually change their address. Some are asking you to do this as a favor, others are asking because they have not been able to do it themselves.

Updating a subscriber's address requires two steps:

  1. Subscribe the new address. Choose the same format or mode when subscribing the new address, unless the person requests a change. For example, if the old address was subscribed in digest mode, subscribe the new address in digest mode, unless the person tells you otherwise.

  2. Unsubscribe the old address. If you cannot find the old address, look for a variant or similar address by searching for various fragments of the old address. If you are sure it is the same person, unsubscribe it. If you are not sure, write to the person and confirm that it is his or her address before unsubscribing it. For other suggestions, click here.