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Mailman Administrator Tools Tutorial(PDF)
Mailman Administrator Tools Tutorial(HTML)
List Migration to Mailman FAQ

Rules and Responsibilities of an Administrator
Rules and Responsibilities
Removal of an Administrator

Becoming a Mailing List Administrator
Determining if a List Exists
Adopting a List(s), Determining if Available
Requesting a New List
Confirmation of Your Request
Transferring Your List to Another Administrator

Getting Started
First Steps for New Administrators
What to Expect the First Week

Maintaining Your Mailing List
Accept List; How to Use...see Edit Files
Addresses: Administrators, How to Change
Addresses: Subscriber's
     Add (Subscribe) an Address
     Address Changes: How to Process
     Remove (Unsubscribe) an Address
     Search for a Subscriber's Address
     View All Subscribers
Blocked Mail
Customize Settings (Configurations)
Digests; Configurations...see Customize Settings
Edit Files (List Tools)
Edit Letters to Subscribers...see Edit Files
Gateway Your List to Allied Message Boards
Graphics; Tell Others You are an Administrator
List Tools: How to Access and Use
Moderated Lists…see Customize Settings
Multigrams; What They Are, How to Interpret
Passwords; Locate or Change Your Password
Prepends...see Customize Settings
Reject List; How to Use...see Edit Files
Taglines: Creating or Changing
Taglines: Turning On/Off...see Customize Settings
Utility Pages; How to Access and Use

Problem Solving
Addresses: Finding an Address Not Listed
Bounces: What Causes Them, What To Do
Copyrights and Privacy of Living
Headers: How to Interpret Key Lines
Headers: How to Expand or Get Full Headers
HTML..Shutting Off (Sending Plain Text)
List Conflicts
     Conflicts Between Subscribers
     Conflicts Between Administrators/Subscribers
{not a subscriber}…See Headers
Spam, MAPS filters
     What To Do if Spam Reaches Your List
X-Diagnostic Lines…see Headers

Mailing List Archives
Searching in the Mailing List Archives
Removal of Archived Messages

Giving Up or Transferring Mailing Lists
Transferring Your List to Another Administrator
Giving Up Your Mailing List
Orphaning a List
Temporary Help Managing Your List(s)
Listing of Temporary Caretakers for Lists

Advanced Help Resources
SmartList FAQs and Manual
X-Commands: How to Use and Format

Terms and Definitions

Other Help Resources
Mailing Lists (Support Lists) and Announcements
Contacting the HelpDesk or Listmaster
Tips from Other Administrators

List Administrator's Manual