Setting Up Your RSL File or Account

  Welcome. This page will walk you through the process of setting up your file, or account, in the RSL (RootsWeb Suranme List) database.

  1. Go to the RSL-Edit form at

  2. Click on the link "Getting Started - First Time Users"

  3. You should be in a section titled "First Time Users", which is where you set up your file.

  4. You should see seven empty boxes. You'll need to fill in all of these.

  5. You will enter three different nametag choices (to allow for someone else already using your first or second choice). Nametags are how others will find you, and they can't be changed once they are assigned. They can be eight characters or less, but the first two characters must be lower case letters. Nametags can only contain lower case letters or numbers - you can't use any capital letters, punctuation marks, spaces, underlines, etc. If you choose real common nametags, you may be told that you need to select new nametags - if so, select three new nametags.

  6. You will see there are two boxes for your choice of passwords. You will type the same password twice, just to make sure you didn't make an error the first time. Passwords can be changed at anytime, to whatever you wish.

  7. When you have all seven boxes filled in, then click on the button that says "request nametag."

  8. Two things should happen then. that the computer will email your nametag and password (this should be almost immediately). should now see a new screen.

  9. You are now on the actual RSL-Edit form. Congratulations you are almost done.

  10. This is the screen for entering your surname information. Enter your personal contact information in the first section. Your postal address and your homepage address/URL go in the comment box. Be sure the URL of your homepage is complete and on a separate line by itself. A complete address will generally start http:// if yours is starting www. then it is not a complete address, and it will not be a link.

  11. When you are finished, scroll clear to the bottom of the page and click on "Post Updates and FINISH".

  12. Your surnames are now on the Internet. Best of wishes with your research.

You will find the answers to the more general RSL (RootsWeb Surname List) questions at the HelpDesk's main page.

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