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Unsure which Editor to use? You will choose the one that relates to the URL (address) of your Web site. For instance, if the URL starts you would use the homepages Editor. Virtual accounts are the exception. If your account looks similar to it is a virtual account and you would use that Editor.

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OnLine Editor:
HTML Editing Controls

The HTML Editing Controls enable you to create a new HTML file from scratch, or make changes to (edit) an existing HTML file. The HTML Editing controls appear directly below the file list in the Online Editor, as shown in the following diagram:


Creating a New HTML File

The Online Editor can be used to create a new HTML file from scratch. Be aware that if you choose this option, you'll have to enter all of the HTML code that controls the appearance of the Web page. To create a new HTML file:

  1. In the HTML Editing Controls area, click the Create New HTML File button. A screen appears, prompting you to enter the name of your new HTML file.

  2. Enter the name that you want for the file.

    The name should be fairly short, and should not contain spaces or other special characters. The characters ".html" will automatically be added to the end of the name you choose.

  3. Click the Create and Edit button to proceed. The Edit screen appears, as shown in the following diagram:

  4. Edit File Diagram

  5. Click in the text editing box, and enter the HTML that you want for the new file. This can be any combination of HTML code and text.

    Be aware that your HTML code must be accurate for the page to display correctly in a Web browser.

    Advanced Users: If you have HTML code that you have created with another application, you can copy that code from the application and paste it into the text editing box.

  6. At this point, you can use the Control Buttons (below the text editing box) to work with your new HTML file:

    Save. Saves the file, and returns to the main screen of the Online Editor.

    Save and Continue Editing. Saves the file, and remains in the Edit screen so you can continue working with the file.

    Preview. Displays a preview of your work in a fresh screen. Use the Back button of your browser to return to the Edit screen and continue working.

    Return to Directory. Returns to the main screen of the Online Editor without saving changes to your file. Use this button only if you want to exit the Edit screen without saving your work.


Editing an Existing HTML File

Once you've created an HTML file, you can use the HTML Edit feature to make changes to the contents of the file.

  1. In the Online Editor, click to select the file that you want to preview.

    Click the button to the left of the file name, as shown in the following diagram:

    Choose File Diagram

  2. In the HTML Editing Controls area, click the HTML Edit button.

    The file that you selected in step #1 appears in the Edit screen.

  3. Use the Edit screen in the normal manner to make any changes that you want to the file.

    Be sure to use the Save or Save and Continue Editing buttons to save your changes to the file.