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Unsure which Editor to use? You will choose the one that relates to the URL (address) of your Web site. For instance, if the URL starts you would use the homepages Editor. Virtual accounts are the exception. If your account looks similar to it is a virtual account and you would use that Editor.

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OnLine Editor:
File Upload Utility (FTP)

The File Upload Utility enables you to transmit files from your PC, and have them stored on the RootsWeb server for use with your Web site. For advanced users, this makes it easy to use HTML editing applications on a PC to create a Web page (or site), and then transmit those completed files to the server.

The File Upload Utility is also used to transmit picture or image files for use with your Web page or site.

The File Upload Utility Controls appear near the bottom of the Online Editor, as shown in the following diagram:

File Upload Utility Diagram


Uploading Files

Use the following procedure to upload files to the RootsWeb server:

  1. If you want to upload files to a Subdirectory, begin by clicking the name of that Subdirectory in the file list.

    Any files that you upload will be placed in the Subdirectory that is currently displayed in the file list.

  2. In the File Upload Utility area of the Online Editor, click the first Browse button. The file location dialog box of your PC appears, similar to the following diagram:

    Navigation Diagram

  3. Use the controls that appear in the File Location dialog box to locate and select the file that you want to upload.

  4. Click the Open or OK button to select the file.

  5. Repeat steps #2 through #4 to specify additional files for the upload. You can upload up to four files at one time.

    The default number of files to be uploaded at one time is four. If you wish to upload more than four files at one time, you can open additional file selection boxes. Scroll down to the Send this many files at once box. Type the desired number of files in this box and hit "Enter." The page will refresh and open the requested number of file selection boxes.

  6. The default setting for the File Upload Utility is to change the names of your files so they are all lower case. If you want your files to retain their exact original names (mixed upper- and lower-case), click to remove the check from the Convert file names to lower case check box.

    If you have created complex HTML files using a separate application on your PC, be aware that HTML links are case-sensitive. In this case, you should remove the check mark so the file names are not changed when they are uploaded to the RootsWeb server.

  7. When you have selected all of the files that you want to upload, enter the number that corresponds to the number of files in the Send this many files at once box.

  8. Click the Send Files button to upload the files to the RootsWeb server.

    Once the files you selected are uploaded to the RootsWeb server, the file list refreshes to show the new files.

    Repeat this procedure if you need to transmit more than four files.