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Unsure which Editor to use? You will choose the one that relates to the URL (address) of your Web site. For instance, if the URL starts you would use the homepages Editor. Virtual accounts are the exception. If your account looks similar to it is a virtual account and you would use that Editor.

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OnLine Editor:
About the Online Editor

Welcome! The RootsWeb Online Editor system makes it quick and easy to create a Web page - even if you've never created one before.

This Help system covers the following topics for the Online Editor:

What is a Web Page?
Creating Your First Web Page
  Previewing the Web Page
HTML Editing Controls
  Creating a New HTML File
  Editing an Existing HTML File
  Previewing an HTML File
File Controls
  Changing the Name of an Existing HTML File
  Deleting an Existing HTML File
  Creating a Copy of an HTML File
  Use with Mail Merge (Freepages Only)
Subdirectory Operations
  Creating a Subdirectory
  Deleting a Subdirectory
File Upload Utility (FTP)
  Uploading Files


What is a Web Page?

A Web page is a computer file that contains text and other information - similar to other files that you create and store on the hard drive of your PC. The main difference for a Web page is where the file is stored. For the Web page to be accessible over the World Wide Web, it must be stored on a special computer called a server. A series of Web pages that are linked together are referred to as a Web site.

As you work with the Online Editor, you access and work with files that are stored on the RootsWeb server. You can use the Online Editor to create, edit, delete, copy, and rename the files that make up your Web site.

The information files that make up a Web site are written in a special format called HTML (for Hyper Text Markup Language). The Online Editor has a link that automates the procedure for creating your first Web page. Once you fill in some basic information, the Online Editor will generate the related HTML information necessary to complete the Web page.

The Online Editor enables you to directly view and edit the HTML contents of each file on your Web site. Once you have created a file on the RootsWeb server, you can use the Online Editor at any time to make changes and additions as necessary.

HTML can be complicated. If you're having trouble with writing your first efforts at HTML, you may want to subscribe to RootsWeb's HTML help list. To subscribe, click either List mode or Digest mode and just put the word subscribe in the body of the message.