Abbreviations and Character Codes
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Abbreviations: Country and Regional Locations

The RootsWeb Surname List (RSL) and some mailing lists use standardized abbreviations to designate countries and other regional locations. This index, compiled by RootsWeb volunteers, is a collection of Canadian and United States postal codes, Chapman codes, three letter ISO codes for nations, Norwegian standard county codes, Swiss canton postal abbreviations, plus many abbreviations we invented for historic German and Austrian states and other areas.

Alphabetical listing by country:
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Alphabetical listing by codes:
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Character Codes (Umlauted Vowels and Symbols)

Umlauted vowels and other symbols not in the twenty-six letter English alphabet can be used in the WorldConnect Project, RootsWeb Surname List (RSL), and message boards.

Since they will be alphabetized differently within the programs, other researchers may have difficulting finding them. You may want to list one version/spelling as primary and the other as an alternate spelling to make sure your surname isn't overlooked.

Coding for Umlauted Vowels and Symbols