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Updating Your Postal Address
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Updating Your Postal Mailing Address

You may have provided your postal address for some of our programs. In most instances you will update your postal address the same way you would your e-mail.

Please contact our HelpDesk for assistance for any areas not listed below.

Financial contributors should send their address change to along with their full name, e-mail address, and the new postal address. This can be included with an e-mail address change.

If you included your postal address as part of your personal contact information in the RootsWeb
Surname List (RSL)
, you will use the RSL-Edit form to change your address. Use the "edit existing RSL submissions" option to access your file. After updating your address, you must click on the "Post Updates and Finish" button at the bottom of the page to activate the change.

If you do not know your RSL password, and you are not getting mail at your old address, you should click on the link titled "I've tried to get my password via e-mail but it doesn't ever come " on the RSL-Edit form. This will enable you to change your address in the database, but it will result in your file being locked for three days. Do not panic, as this is merely a security precaution to ensure that the change was authorized.