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Updating Your E-mail Address

If you are like most users, there will be multiple places you will need to contact when you change your address. Please be sure to update all appropriate areas.

Contributors (Financial Contributors)
Guest Books
Mailing List Postings, Archives, Administrators
Message Board Postings
Message Board Administrators
Personalized Mailing Lists (PML)
Post-Em Notes
RootsWeb Review and Product Watch Newsletters
RootsWeb Surname List (RSL)
Webmasters (Website accounts at
Websites (On sites hosted by
WorldConnect Project (Family Trees)
Requesting Temporary Address Changes

You will need your password to change your address in some programs. Most passwords can be retrieved through Password Central. does not have a public registry of user address changes. With the exception of mailing lists, we recommend you periodically check to see if the address has been updated. Or click here for suggestions on finding updated addresses for other researchers.

Please contact our HelpDesk for assistance for any areas not listed.


Financial Contributors:

If you financially contributed to, submit your address change to along with your full name, old address, and new address. Postal (snail mail) address changes can be included in the same message.

Your address will be automatically updated for the Personalized Mailing Lists (PML) program, the RootsWeb Review, and the RootsWeb Product Watch Review newsletters. Your address will also be updated for any personal Web accounts at, with the exception of those in the Freepages area.

If you wish to update the contributor records with an alternate address, or change your primary address, please e-mail with your full name, the address currently on file with us, and a brief note explaining what you are requesting.

Note: has historically been supported by user contributions, for which we are so very thankful as it has helped get to where it is. Now that we have merged with, we have the financial backing required to ensure our long-term success. For this reason, we are not soliciting financial contributions at this time. This section is applicable only to those still on file as active contributors.

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Guest Books:

Webmasters can update their e-mail addresses for the guest books by using the Edit Guestbook form. If you do not remember your password or the guest book title, you may retrieve them from Password Central.

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Mailing List Postings, Archived Messages, and Administrator Addresses:

Address changes for mailing list subscribers are done in a two-step process - you will unsubscribe using your old address, and then subscribe using your new address. If you do not know which lists you are subscribed to, Password Central will provide you with a listing.

If you cannot send mail from your old address, or you are having difficulties unsubscribing, please contact your mailing list administrator(s) and request the old address be manually unsubscribed. It will be helpful if you include the format you are receiving your mailings (individual posts, or digest format), and any alias or former addresses you may be subscribed under.

You can reach any mailing list administrator by using the address shown below. Replace the xxx with the list's name:

Addresses appearing in our mailing list archives cannot be changed. If you feel it is important, you could repost your query with your new address. Please do not repost more than a few each day.

Update the mailing list administrator's address, by using List Tools or Utility page for your list. Click on the link "Change List Admin Address or Password" if you are using the List Tools page, or "Change Address To Which Errors Are Sent" if you are using the older style Utility page.

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Message Board Postings:

Changing your e-mail address is accomplished in one easy step for registered users. Click on the "'My Profile" link, which is accessible after logging in. Complete any changes in the "Change Profile" or "Change Password" boxes and click on "Submit." Your account information is changed universally on every post associated with this account/e-mail address. You will need to repeat this process for every registered address.

You can verify which addresses you have registered by using the "Forgot your password? Click here." link in the login area — repeating it for each working address you may have. After clicking the "Submit" button, you will be informed if your address is on file.

Message Board account information is maintained on servers.'s HelpDesk does not have access to the message board accounts. Contact Ancestry Customer Service if you do not remember your password for a registered address, or can no longer receive e-mail at an old address. They will e-mail your account information to your new address.

If one or more of your addresses are not registered, you will need to create an account before you can update the address which you used on old message board posts. You must do this even if the address is no longer valid. Click on the "Login" link, then "Sign Up Now." Create the account, using the old e-mail address exactly as it appears on messages you want to change. Once the account is created, you can login and click on the "My Profile" to update the e-mail address to your current address.


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Message Board Administrators:

Message board administrators must maintain a current e-mail address on the "Links & Announcements" page for each board they administer. To update the address shown, or to add an address, follow these steps.

  1. Go to and login. If you have more than one login, you will need to repeat this with login. If you do not remember your password, click on "Forgot your password? Click Here." on the login screen.
  2. Click on the "Admin Center" link.
  3. The next page will list all boards registered with that login. Click on the link to the first board (repeat with each board).
  4. Click on "Edit Links & Announcements."
  5. Update your address. If your Links & Announcements area is blank, you can copy and paste the coding shown in the box below into the Links & Announcements window. Be sure to personalize the coding in the four areas shown in red. This will result in a basic Links & Announcements page that will show the name of your board, your name, and your e-mail address.

    <h2>Welcome to the Board Name Message Board.</h2>
    Administrator's Contact Information:<br>
    Name: Your Name</b> <br>
    E-mail: <a href="mailto:your_email_address">your_e-mail_address </a>

  6. Click on "Submit" when you are finished. If you wish to encrypt your email address, click on "Build HTML That Helps Prevent E-mail Spam" before clicking "Submit."

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Personalized Mailing List (PML):

Personalized Mailing List (PML) users should e-mail their address change to along with their full name, old e-mail address, and their new e-mail address.

The address is then updated in our contributor records, which should automatically update the address your PML mailings are sent to. Should you receive confirmation of the address change, but your mailings continue to go to your old address, please write and let them know. This seldom happens, but it will need to be manually updated if it does.

If you are going to be temporarily away from your keyboard and you don't want to change your address, you can use the User Setup form to change your options to "no mail" mode. This enables you to keep your search criteria intact, and begin the mailings when you wish.

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Post-Em Notes:

You can update your e-mail address on a Post-em Note by using the editing function of the "Interactive Edit" form. It is the same form you used to submit your Post-em Note. You will need to go to the file where you posted, and use the "View Post-em" option so your post is showing.

Password Central will provide you with a listing of where you added notes in the WorldConnect Project (family trees) and the Social Security Death Index, along with your password(s). You will need to contact the HelpDesk for passwords added to any other database.

When contacting the HelpDesk, include the name of the database or the file you added a Post-em Note to, and the person your note is attached to. You will find this information at the top of your Post-em Note.

Related link: Edit or Delete a Post-em Note

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RootsWeb Review and Product Watch Newsletters:

Update your address by clicking here and completing the form.

If you are still receiving newsletters at your old address after submitting a request to unsubscribe, this usually means we have more than one address on file for you. Look at the bottom of the newsletter you received and follow the instructions shown to unsubscribe from it.

If you need further assistance, please contact the HelpDesk.

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RootsWeb Surname List (RSL):

You will use the RSL-Edit form to update your address in the RootsWeb Surname List (RSL), using the "edit existing RSL submissions" option to access your file. After updating your address, you must click on the "Post Updates and Finish" button at the bottom of the page to activate the change.

If you do not know your password, and you are not getting mail at your old address, you should click on the link titled "I've tried to get my password via e-mail but it doesn't ever come " on the RSL-Edit form. This will enable you to change your address in the database, but it will result in your file being locked for three days. Do not panic, as this is merely a security precaution to ensure that the change was authorized.

If you have two RootsWeb Surname List (RSL) files, we will gladly merge them into one file for you. E-mail with your request. Include your full name, your current and old e-mail addresses, and which nametag and address you wish to keep.

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If you have a Web account at, please contact the appropriate address shown below when notifying us of webmaster address changes. Include your full name, the account name or the URL (address) of your website, your old e-mail address, and your new e-mail address.

Freepages (will have freepages in the address):

Homepages (will have homepages in the address):
Note: If you have written to update the contributor records this is updated automatically, and you do not need to send a second request.

Websites beginning

Virtual domains (i.e.,
Note: If you have written to update the contributor records this is updated automatically, and you do not need to send a second request.

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Websites Hosted by

If your name or address appears on an independently authored site hosted by, you will need to contact the webmaster for that site. is not able to alter their pages due to copyright laws.

Generally you will find a link or a contact address toward the bottom of a page. does not release webmaster addresses to the public.

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WorldConnect Project (Family Trees):

If you submitted a family tree, you can update the address that appears in your file by using either the standard or advanced User Setup/Edit form.

Leave the "location of GEDCOM" field blank unless you are uploading a revised file; scroll to the bottom of the form and click on the upload/update button to activate the change. The WorldConnect files are updated once a day, so you will usually not see the change when doing a search until the following day.

If you submitted your tree to, you must return to to change your address on it. All database codes start with a colon " : " followed by all numbers or a letter plus numbers. If you are not sure if you submitted the file to or, click here for help.

If your name and/or address appear within a family tree (with the notes, for example), you will need to contact the person who submitted the file to request a change. is unable to alter the file.

If your name appears on a Post-em Note attached to a family tree, follow the instructions given in the section for "Post-em Notes."

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Temporary Address Changes:

The process for changing an address at is the same whether it is a permanent or temporary change.

There is no way to temporarily stop mailings with the exception of Personalized Mailing Lists (PML). PML users may go into the User Edit form and switch to "no mail" mode to temporarily stop mail.

If you are going to be away from your keyboard for an extended length of time, you may want to unsubscribe from some mailing lists, or change to digest format, which will result in a reduced number of e-mails going to your mailbox.

Mailing list and message board administrators may want to consider having a temporary administrator handle their responsibilities when they are gone for an extended period of time. For a listing of
volunteers willing to temporarily administer mailing lists, click here. For short-term care of message boards, contact

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