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Both required; 3-16 characters (letters, numbers, hyphen, or underscore only), no spaces.

We recommend standard if this is your first submission. You can use the Advanced setup later to modify your options.

Terms and Definitions

GEDCOM is an acronym for GEnealogical Data COMmunications. Within the WorldConnect Project, "GEDCOM" indicates an individual family tree or file. A more detailed explanation of what a GEDCOM is, and how it is used within the WorldConnect Project, is available here.

The title of a WorldConnect database will appear in bold letters directly under the RootsWeb masthead. The title is not the same as a header. A header, if used, will appear in a much smaller type directly above the individual entries, between the blue lines.

User Code
The person submitting a family tree chooses a unique user code to identify each family tree submitted. The user code appears in WorldConnect's search results, and becomes part of the URL (address) of the family tree.

More Terms and Definitions

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Creating A GEDCOM file
Standard Submission Form
Advanced Submission Form

column Submitting your family tree via the postal mail is an option available to all researchers. Simply follow the instructions shown below for each family tree you send.
  1. Create a file in GEDCOM format of your family tree and save it on a disk, zip file, or a CD. A GEDCOM will usually end with the extension of .ged (for example, YourFilename.ged). Check the users manual of your genealogy program, or our click here if you need further instructions on creating a GEDCOM file.

  2. Include the following information for each family tree you are sending:
    spaceyour name
    spaceyour e-mail address
    spaceyour choice of user code and password

    Each family tree you submit will need a unique user code. Your user code can have 3-16 characters (letters, numbers, hyphen, or underscore characters only). It will be visible, as it becomes part of the address for your family tree. Your password will remain private.

  3. If you are updating an existing file, include the information shown above and clearly mark that this file is to replace your existing file.

  4. Mail the disk(s) or zip drive disk to: WorldConnect Project
    space360 W. 4800 North
    spaceProvo, UT 84604

You will receive an e-mail confirmation showing your user code and password after your file has been uploaded. When we upload your file, we will use the default setting to remove the names of everyone in your GEDCOM who was born within the past 100 years. You can edit the display options at anytime by going into the standard or advanced setup/edit page for your family tree.

If you fail to include your name and e-mail address, we will upload your file with the submitter shown as "anonymous". You will be able to add your name and address by going into the standard or advanced setup/edit pages for your family tree.

Disks will not be returned. They will be destroyed after we have uploaded the files.

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