1. Click on the PUBLISH Button (this has been there since version Netscape 3)

  2. PAGE TITLE and HTML FILENAME boxes should appear filled in automatically with your Page Title and the name of the file (if you have saved them previously yourself).

  3. HTTP or FTP LOCATION TO PUBLISH TO box: (or if you are publishing to one of the other areas you would substitute that for genealogy_html)

  4. USERNAME and PASSWORD boxes: Type (or paste) in the information sent from Rootsweb in the e-mail you received.

  5. FILES ASSOCIATED WITH THIS PAGE: Usually any picture files you may be using will appear in the box 
    below. You would choose SELECT ALL the first time you publish but if you were uploading just amended text then you could SELECT NONE because the pictures would already be there. If you are uploading ALL your files at once (say the first time or after a complete re-edit) then it is very easy to just click on ALL FILES IN THE PAGE's FOLDER.

  6. Click on OK. You may get a message warning you about problem links . . . (this would warrant a separate message about relative and absolute paths but I'll leave that for now). You will see a message telling you which files are being uploaded . . . it doesn't seem to take too long . . . and a message to tell you your files have been successfully uploaded.

    Submitted by Sandra