I'm getting double banners. What do I do?

Generally, if you have two top banners, you've got two <body> tags....and if you've got two bottom banners, you've got two </body> tags....that's the first thing to look for.

Can I use Mail Merge on Freepages?

The MailMerge utility CGI program has now been installed on the Freepages server. Documentation on how to use MailMerge for processing your HTML forms can be found at

How Do I put my genealogy files on Freepages?

The first step is to export your data in GEDCOM format (File/Gedcom/Export). Now that you've got a GEDCOM file, there're a lot of things you can do:

How do I add a counter to my page?

Start at this address:

The counter doesn't work. What should I do?

If you are using Netscape as your editor, it changes the script for the counter when you upload. FrontPage may also change it. You need to do this:

How do I change the counter to match what I had on my old pages?

Go here:
Use the same name and password, 
bring up the next screen, change the number.
Copy the code and paste it back in where you want the counter to appear. 

How do I change the look of the counter?

This page will give you other options:

What extensions can I use on my pages?

Freepages at RootsWeb supports html, htm, shtml and sht. Your first page should be named index.html (or .htm, .shtml, .sht).