Front Page

  1. Select File, Publish Web

  2. Replace the Destination http: with the following ftp line.

  3. Modify the directory genealogy_html to match the one you use for your web page. (This is the same as the change directory field in CuteFTP.)

  4. When prompted for your id and password enter what was provided on your new account letter. These must be EXACT. Cut and paste is recommended.

Microsoft FrontPage lets you target your web for compatibility with specific servers. For example, you can target a web for compatibility with Microsoft Internet Information Server version 3.0 and later, but Rootsweb does not support these features.

If you target a web for compatibility with a specific server, commands not supported by that server will be unavailable (that is, they will appear dimmed) on menus in FrontPage at authoring time.

  1. On the Tools menu, point to Page Options, and then click the Compatibility tab.

  2. In the Servers box, select the server you want.
    Note: For Rootsweb select Apache server, Active Server Pages are disabled by default.

  3. Make sure the Enabled with Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions is unchecked.

  4. For a wider compatibility to other users you may want to also choose Both Internet Explorer and Navigator and pick a version of Browsers you want to support.

Instructions submitted by Ken Rury
Also see Ken's FP help page