Arachnaphilia FTP

Site Name:[your account name]
instead of xxxxx, put the directory  where your files will be uploaded. 

Server Name:

User Name:
The account name you were given when you account was created.

Remote Directory:
xxxxxx_html [the directory where your files will be uploaded]

Local Directory:
the path to whatever directory on your machine that your pages are in. Example: c:\mypages

cut and paste the password that came in your letter. Example: CAtbIRd


To upload files using AOL's FTP:

1. Go to your FTP space on AOL.
2. Click on the blue diskette marked "UPLOAD" 
3. You will now see a space to type the path to the files you want to
upload. Type the path to where your files are on your hard drive. 
Example: C:\myfiles\freepages\index.html) 

IMPORTANT: There are two "radio buttons" under this path name
blank. One is "ASCII" for text and html files. Click this button to
upload your index.html file or it will be uploaded as a binary file
and show as garbaged symbols. The second radio button is "BINARY" for
photos and graphics (.jpg, .gif, etc.) Click the BINARY button if the
file you want to upload graphics or photos.

4. Once you have selected the proper file name and type and radio
button, click on the CONTINUE button. 
5. The file name should show in a window. Just click the SEND button
and the program will notify you when the file has completed uploading. 

You can check the names, size and date uploaded of the files in your
AOL space when you go to the FTP space. Hope this helps.