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Infected E-mails and Spam
Many worms, trojans, or viruses forge (copy) the "From" e-mail address, making them appear to come from someone you know (such as Or, they may have a file name that would make it look like a legitimate e-mail address. Spam, or an infected e-mail might indicate a message came from, or from a mailing list at, when it didn't. An infected computer is sending these forged messages to you privately. cannot prevent these forgeries, nor the bounces for failed deliveries. To learn more, and for links to online sites that can verify your computer is clean of these viruses, click here.

How To Edit or Remove Family Trees (WorldConnect):
You can only modify or remove a family tree (GEDCOM file) by using the tools at the original upload site. Click here for further instructions. 


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How do I update or delete my family tree? How do I remove duplicates?

My computer locks up/freezes up. What can I do?

My address changed. Whom do I tell?

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to a mailing list, the RootsWeb Review, or the Product Watch?

How do I correct an error in your database?

I need a password. My password doesn't work. May I change my password?

My name is shown on your site; how do I remove it?

I am starting to research my family. Where do I begin?

I'm an AOL user, and I have this odd problem...

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Gateway messages are being received from instead of They have HTML formatting instead of Text format. This is currently being investigated. We do not have a time frame as to when this will be resolved.

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The Captcha script inserted to prevent spam to the Guest Books is failing to recognize valid input. No time frame as to when it may be resolved.
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